Academic Writings

For those of you interested, here are a few of my academic writings. Yes, there are typos in some.

  1. A Christological Evaluation of Debt’s Inequities” (MA First Year)
  2. A Christian Vision of the Good Life” (MA First Year)
  3. The ‘Ground’ of Neighborly Love in Meister Eckhart and Marguerite Porete
  4. Toward an Incarnational Ecotheology” (MA First Year)
  5. An Interpretation of Luke 12:13-21: A Vision of the Good Life” (MA First Year)
  6. Joshua 22 and Identity Formation” (MA First Year)
  7. Cyril of Alexandria’s Theology of the Cross” (MA First Year)
  8. Yale’s Vision of the Good Life” (MA First Year)
  9. A Very Brief Eco-Christology: Jesus as Creature” (Written Junior Year)
  10. Christ’s Supremacy and Sufficiency The Relationship between the Hymn of Colossians 1:15-20 and the Letter’s Jewish Opponents” (Junior)
  11. Prelude to a Deluge: Genesis 6:1-4” (Junior)
  12. A Philosophical Analysis of Contemporary Trinitarian Thought” (Junior)
  13. A Ransom for Many: Interpreting Jesus’ Death in Mark 10:45” (Junior)
  14. Theological Ambiguity in Judges 6: Who was the Messenger of YHWH?” (Junior)
  15. The Extent and Means of Early Inter-Church Communication” (Sophomore)
  16. A Biomatrix of Walafrid Strabo” (Sophomore)
  17. Theological Contributions to the Crusades” (Sophomore)
  18. The Akedah Narrative” (Freshman)
  19. A Biomatrix of Bridget of Sweden” (Sophomore)
  20. The Origin and Development of the Anathema Throughout the Ecumenical Councils” (Sophomore)
  21. A Biomatrix of Luis de Molina” (Sophomore)
  22. Footwashing In the Church” (Junior)

Many of them reflect my own theological development, and some I would consider pretty bad relative to myself today, but I’ll put them out there anyways. Just know that that some are better than others and I wrote them in a state of learning so they are not perfect. Many are the product of rushed attempts to fulfill a course requirement rather than profound theological treatises without error, and still others reflect momentary development in my own thinking which then progressed beyond the ideas in the papers themselves.

Some of these were written in my freshman year straight out of high school, so don’t judge too harshly!



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