8 Things to Know About My Blog Before Reading

commandmentsHello friends! Here they are:

1. I am primarily interested in academic theology. This means that I am not overly-concerned with the pastoral nor do I think of myself as a spiritual counselor. I cannot replace your pastor, nor do I intend to compete with local pastors or churches.

2. This is a personal blog. The opinions within it are entirely my own (unless otherwise cited), and they do not reflect the views of any current or previous affiliations of mine academic or otherwise (e.g. Lee University or Yale University). I may argue for one side on a particular issue, but others have surely argued for the opposite in the past. Take what I say with skepticism, but also charity; I usually know something about what I’m writing 🙂

3. I am not a conservative evangelical. If you are, it is likely you will find a lot in my writing to disagree with. That’s okay. Just know that I am not writing from your perspective.

4. I do theology, not biblical studies. Of course, I love to engage with scriptural sources, but my primary interest is in theological concepts.

5. I have this blog so that I can, hopefully, benefit the Church, and its members in some way. For far too long, people with no academic training have been the primary voice in the Church, and I hope to change that slowly (not out of arrogance, but through trying to build us all up) by using my education for the betterment of the Church.

6. I never intend to be offensive or overly-critical. When I come across that way, try reading my piece again with a greater eye towards understanding my own position. I do make mistakes. Sometimes I do not present things very well, and end up offending some. Please do not take it personally. Because I do theology, I am interested primarily in ideas and concepts, not feelings and sentiments (though often important).

7. Please be charitable in your reading. Do not merely read my posts so that you can give a counter reply (by perhaps quoting a proof-text at me), but please read to understand. If I sense you have not understood my article, yet you have provided a critical opinion, I will likely not respond. I do welcome comments or personal messages on Facebook as opportunities for further discussion.

8. Lastly, this blog comes from a genuine desire within my heart to work for the common good, both of the world and the Church. I want to be able to integrate the Christian tradition into all areas of life and thought, and this blog is just one small piece of my overall intentions for my career and work within the Church. I love the Church, whenever I raise critical questions, they are not malicious in nature, but benevolent in their hope for a better Church for all of us.

A little bit about me. Happy Reading.


10 thoughts on “8 Things to Know About My Blog Before Reading

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